Damn Heat. There’s nothing more infuriating then trying to enjoy a movie in the comfort of your own home and constantly being interrupted by the voracious heat. Or perhaps you’re working on a rather important assignment at home and wouldn’t have the audacity to crank up the A.C. in fear of an inflated electricity bill.   Why hasn’t that air conditioner repair man come yet?  Will I be able to afford a few extra hours of cold heavenly goodness?   These are questions that plague many individuals especially during this time of the year. A relief to our temperaments and our wallets may be on the horizon.

I present you: Evapolar by Indiegogo

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Photo credit: evapolar.com

Evapolar, the air conditioner small enough to put right on top of your desk. It’s portable, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s here.  College students could utilize this device in a dorm; adventure seekers can take a break from the adventure and use it at camp.  This device just needs a little water then you could relax and enjoy. Evapolar only consumes 5v of energy, and with its USB charger, you could plug the USB port into any power grid or power bank. It humidifies and cleans the dust particles in the air, and does not contain any freon-like liquids (used in refrigeration) and with its evaporative cartridge made from  mineral fibers, comes the prevention of any bacteria or mold from growing inside. Evapolar could provide you with 6-8 hours of fresh cool air before a refill of water. The best things in life come in small packages is an adage used by individuals today for both serious and satirical moments, but in Evapolar‘s case its small body of only 17cm sides is indeed an ideal product for any college student as well as a get out of jail card for homeowners who want to avoid a costly bill.  There is still a great deal of skepticism surrounding the device and it should be noted that Evapolar could not possibly be utilized as a whole house chilling system.  I’m quite fascinated at the great potential this innovative product may have on everyday life. Although this product may chill you down, it will certainly chill the hearts of Electric company.